West Coast Grove

Panoramic viewscape framing and wide spaces characterise this modern, contemporary design and build terrace house project. Solid teak timber stretches across the porch in a fine trellis for heat reduction through shade, while lining up in planks to form a bi-fold feature main door interspersed with full height vertical view panels, joining the medley of brushstroke patterns in the house’s sealed, non-porous travertine marble facade.


Inside the living room, renovation works have layered a base of Italian marble travertine slab flooring, bordered by customised niche shelves in a wide-angle landscape concept in timber. Luxurious teak planks layer the steps on a uniquely continuous, single concrete block stair frame, wrapped in a freestanding glass railing, separated from the living room by a tessellated lateral timber divider, cut to allow vertical beams of light into the living room from the skylight that illuminates the stairwell.


Inspired interior design has transformed the master bath suite to resemble a sculpture art gallery. Forming the renovated bathroom’s ceramic centrepiece, a sophisticated monolith freestanding bathtub stands solitary atop a travertine marble island, lit by natural skylight by day and warm spotlights by night, rimmed with a moat of gleaming river-washed loose pebbles. Flanked by rows of repeated vertical slats that echo throughout the house, a frosted glass frame cascades in the backdrop, disappearing behind the designer bathtub, painting the image of an airy, open waterfall flowing into a stream.


Wide opening track doors in the living room reveal a generously spaced verandah set against a reflection pool that cools the area naturally. Round columns frame the pool and raise a similar timber trellis, dotted with fans and spotlights, over tropical palms rooted in planters cast in solid blocks of concrete. From a distance, the stark absence of supporting walls to the horizontal windows of the house’s rear create the illusion of dual floating slabs; sleek and sharp in a breathtaking medley of well-defined corners and edges.


Display storage in the master bedroom above comprises of freestanding cantilever teak timber shelves with matching floating cantilever bedside shelves, well spaced beneath a lofty ceiling for minimalistic functionality. A slim vertical slot cut into the wall adds a slit of natural lighting to the room while concrete planters on the balcony’s roof garden are home to lush Rafis plants for a touch of greenery.


Clinical and fresh, the renovated kitchen features cabinets surfaced with white backspray tempered glass and fitted with polished aluminium line handles against muted beige Italian homogenous limestone tiles, keeping it bright, clean and modern.

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