Tokkuri Japanese Restaurant

With its entire restaurant interior design concept based on the ancient elements from the Chinese Wu Xing, the Tokkuri Japanese Restaurant oozes oriental chic.


Strong emphasis is paid to the element of Wood in suspended ceiling slats of varying sizes that create the illusion of the shelter and coverage of a forest’s canopy. This is consistently perpetuated in wooden screen dividers that give tables privacy and segregation and the spectral-stained wooden screen that conceals the service area.


Wood is further emphasised in the Chinese character for wood emblazoned in recurring motifs on the folding screen doors which dynamically change the restaurant’s space and layout as they create private dining spaces. Here, lit centrepiece panels illuminate the food evenly in a warm glow while creating a comfortable atmosphere for conversation.


Fire is present in the rear lit wall which doubles up as a sake display shelf, under which a trio of moulded copper plates are mounted in round niches and backlit in warm lighting to represent the element of Metal. Water is represented by the backlit frosted glass of the cashier signage, symbolising the flow of wealth into the restaurant’s coffers, while Earth is present in the raw brick leading up to the entrance of the restaurant as well as the long granite sushi bar counter.