Penthouse @ Newton

Hired as the roof garden contractor for this penthouse in Newton, Jiang Construction built a towering 10 feet black granite water feature as the centrepiece of a mystical Balinese themed garden. Alternating surfaces of contrasting large and small machine-edged grooves are chiseled on the granite surface, creating delightful variations in reflection as the water cascades down the ridges and off the water feature’s trio of embedded spouts.


Adjacent walls were decked out in pebble wash, with matching customised paver stones, while bush-hammered yellow tiger skin granite tiles the walls for division and contrast between the water feature and bar area, leaving no wall uncovered.


A timber bar counter welcomes guests at the top of the stairs. Providing the bar shade from the midday heat is a timber trellis packed into a mild steel shelter, layered with laminated tempered glass for shelter. Jiang Construction wrapped the shelter’s original mild steel beams and railings in manila rope to add warmth and texture to the cold steel, complementing the earthen tones of pebble wash and tiger skin granite perfectly.


Intricately-carved Balinese sandstone sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist inspiration sit calmly around the roof garden, making every corner a masterpiece in its own right. After sundown, the night scene is lit by concealed lights behind the bars and statues. As the warm underwater lights beneath pool hit the surface of the rippling water, the light shimmers across the faces of the statues through the fog from the hot lights for a magical, mystical atmosphere.