Jalan Kechot

This intermediate terrace design & build job is fronted by perforated doors and gates to provide screens of privacy. A long cantilever car porch structure anchored onto the rear wall has a hole cut to accommodate the foxtail palm tree which extends upwards to provide shade for the second floor rooms. This unique modification also allows natural light into the living room through its screen doors.


As huge foodies, the owners have dedicated generous amounts of space and features to cooking and dining activity at home.


A three metre long quartz top kitchen island features in the dry kitchen where guests and family sit and mingle beneath the glow of white, UK designer solid marble pendant lamps, against intricately tiled mosaic walls and Italian sophia beige marble flooring.


The wet kitchen contains a snugly fabricated front and back cabinet system that features unique systems like aluminium shutters and top-lift doors in a generously functional compact layout. A wide, long, commercial grade sink with deep basin is mirrored by a brown quartz kitchen counter that houses a quality cast iron kitchen range.


Upstairs, the children’s bedrooms are simply painted in pastel blue and pink, complete with wall motifs and cute curtain patterns. Their shared bathroom is floored with intricate Peranakan patterned tiles and headlined by a standalone monolith bathtub with an open-concept shower. A couple of wash basins, one for each child, are semi-recessed in pastel blue cabinets against backlit mirrors.


In contrast, the master bathroom is decked out in classy white Italian marble, with concealed German sanitary systems and a wall-hung water closet. To make full use of space, the master bedroom extends vertically, along with a compact, practical sliding panel door wardrobe with full height mirrors to facilitate walkspace without compromising on storage space. Sleek, designer pendant lamps lower warm lighting to a comfortable level from a high ceiling.


Wide walkway links two wings of the house, with gallery-like recessed lighting in the ceiling as spotlights cast downwards upon the feature paintings and built-in textured bookshelf. A large glass panel on the side of the walkway opens up an enclosure window looking into a workspace.


Up in the attic, an illusion of loft by introducing roof timber rafters. Staggered brick veneer creates an aged look upon the feature wall while the floor is laid with warm parquet in a detailed herringbone format, creating texture and drawing attention.

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