Faber Green

An intricate tripartite design features in the lush outdoor terrace of this house - three layers of plants, stone artefacts and water elements to create an illusion of depth in a narrow width.


Bi-fold doors on two sides of the house connect the family room to outdoor terrace as the design entices and draws visitors through the house and into the back area. A chennai wood timber trellis with laminated tempered glass roofing allows plenty of natural light into the space while providing shade from direct UV glare.


Lined with natural palms and low bushy shrubs, a slim rainwater canal of bush hammered yellow granite recycles, reuses and rejuvenates rainwater that trickles down the eaves of the roof, forming natural, rhythmic ripples as it splashes into the canal. This water travels along the entire stretch of the timber deck and around the circumference of the house as feature underwater lights shimmer across the surface of the water, creating dancing patterns on the ceiling at night.


Repurposed to be a water source is a big Balinese earthen jar placed atop a small platform, where water cascades down the plump curvature of the pot, onto a layer of pebbles, off the ledge into the canal. A feature wall of random-laid granite tiger skin integrates with yet another cleverly disguised water feature, this time powered by a slotted reservoir with a multiple pump system with three additional spouts in the wall.


Carved solid wood furniture is placed to match the earthen tones, and features a large wood carving of the Ramayana victory march, surrounded by hanging pots and lit by vintage outdoor hanging lights. , block paver stones on a bed of pebbles. hanging pots and vintage outdoor hanging lights.

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