Coronation Rd West​

Jiang Construction performed conservation and restoration renovation works to a colonial bungalow at Coronation Road West.


To create a tropical, colonial look reminiscent of Singapore’s Straits heritage, the antique red brick facade was redone with restored bricks and embedded with complementing french louver doors in charcoal-toned Chennai wood. Also dotting the house’s facade are a series of cowbell outdoor wall lamps. Exuding vintage vibes with their muted patina by daylight, these lamps light up the garden’s koi pond by night, which Jiang Construction also had enlarged and framed with tablestones.


Inside, a three-storey lift shaft was erected to link the German seamless terrazzo of the ground floor to the attic, where a self-cleaning, glass pyramid skylight was installed. A stairway of 40mm thick floating glass steps winds upwards, past the timber joist ceiling beams and around the corresponding three-storey air well, flanked by steel cable and timber rails for a splash of industrial decor design.


A solitary, solid quartz kitchen island is illuminated by an arc linear light, casting a soft shadow upon the vintage peranakan cement tiles, bringing to mind a sleepy afternoon in Grandma’s kitchen back in Melaka. Bathing the built-in French kitchen set in a muted, warm glow, overhead spotlights glance over the ridges of handmade Italian wall tiles and gleam off the brushed patented stainless steel of the built-in kitchen cabinet, powered by Blum, a German soft-close door system.