Chuan Garden

Meandering water feature starts from a scalloping waterfall, used natural edge surface stones to line the boundary walls with pockets of lush greens and brightly coloured leaves planted in pockets of dirt in the wall. Numerous aquatic and sub-aquatic plants, flanked by beautiful blossoms of flowering plants along driveway, timber trellises above main roof and car porch extensions crawl with lush creepers. Bougainvillas prominently feature in pink on the top balcony and diffusing the main column of the car porch in white.


Top balcony outside master bedroom faces backyard is an open, breezy area with a garden of potted plants under a timber trellis and asiantique hanging lights. Master bedroom has an open panoramic view of the greens on the balcony and the backyard fruit garden.


The back of the house comprises of a fruit garden with bananas and rambutans. Built a new extension backyard porch with a wet kitchen concealed behind mid-height walls outside the house for cooking of savoury cuisine. Water that flows off the rear roof falls onto a row of river pebbles concealing a water extraction pipe.


Staircase landing at second storey features a skylight letting in sufficient natural lighting to give the indoor plants.